I love the movements that embody abstraction as color and line create or reproduce diverse illusions of visible realityThe idea expressed depends on the viewers willingness and ability to search for a meaning, and the artist to provide it.  Endless exploration.  ~Sara Blake

As a multi-faceted artist, instructor, athletic coach, fitness trainer, and mother, Sara Blake is observant and attentive to her students' needs while positively encouraging them to try new techniques and breathe easy.  

Her abstract paintings continue to evolve using organic shape, spontaneous marks, and vibrant color to connect and communicate.  On her canvas emerges a moving message that is alive with emotion and personal,  yet at the same time demonstrates universal meanings.  Though her passion is for painting , she enjoys the freedom of exploration in ceramics, drawing, and design.

A Rochester, New York native, Blake studied art history at Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York, while simultaneously pursuing her Bachelor of Arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo, in art education.  Sara's love of athletics, art, and education led her to open, own, and operate an early child care facility and education business for over 10 years.  In 2014, Sara launched both Art of Movement: Fitness and Movement of Art: Fine Art businesses which are a culmination of professional experiences coaching, personal and group fitness training, and teaching through visual and creative arts in a variety of settings.  She currently leads art discussions and demonstrations at Central Library of Rochester, Rundel Memorial Art and Literature Division, as well as, The Volunteers of America - Upstate New York, Arts and Recreation Department.  At the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York, in the Creative Workshop, Sara has taught a wide variety of classes for both children and adults.  In 2020 and on going, Sara looks forward to teaching Art Social, Playful Painting, Clay Play, and Clay Creations.  She plans on continuing travels both near and far, finding inspiration in nature and its surroundings, and expanding knowledge athletically and artistically in education pursuits.  








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